Since its founding in 1993, the Thai Kashrut Services has been providing kosher certification for the Thai market.

As TKS is a locally based organization with rabbi’s who live here in Thailand, they are uniquely positioned to respond swiftly and comprehensively to the needs of the local Thai manufacturers.

TKS issues certificates to food producers under their own logo and also has relationships with the kosher certifiers in the USA and Israel to carry out certification on their behalf.

TKS shares information about the kosher status of items sold in the Thai consumer markets for the benefit of the local Jewish community.

Some of our Current Kosher Certified Partners

  • UFC
  • KSL
  • Oleen
  • TRR
  • Malee
  • All Coco
  • CPI Leela
  • Morakot
  • Tipco
  • Kellog's
  • Katevanich Industry Co.,Ltd.